I am a graphic designer with experience working for international companies in several different countries. I have a passion for interactive design, photography, image manipulation and graphic design. I am a creative and quality-centred person that works with logos, graphic elements, light, colours, and interfaces. I like the interaction between the human and the world


11/2014 to Present Rexel - Parker Merchanting [London]

Graphic Designer / Assistant Manager The company provides embroidery and heat-sealing services for other companies.  As a graphic designer my duties include designing logo files to be applied by the embroidery machines. I help to check on production and make amendments if needed. I have contact with clients, who sometimes brief me directly, and I work closely with the sales team. As an assistant manager I also ensure the optimal use of resources, track and manage workflows and deal with day-to-day issues. I currently work with Photoshop and cad software. 


 10/2012 - 11/2014 Freelancer [London]

Graphic and Web Designer As a freelance graphic and web designer I was able to work with a variety of products including websites, books and banners. In this time I was able to develop my ability to manage my time, workload and clients’ expectations through the stages of development, production and delivery. Some of the clients I worked for in this period include: Campolisio (an Italian organic holiday farm), The Maurician Society (a sci-fi society), The Boxing Notion (a Boxing blog), and Valiant Tales (a School support Society). I helped these companies present their brand and corporate identity through logo design, graphic leaflets and websites.


10/2012 - 11/2014 Leon [London]

Team member I worked in the kitchen of this healthy natural restaurant. It was a high speed and quality-orientated environment and I had the opportunity to develop my customer service skills. I also developed my management skills by helping the manager deal with daily issues and organise and train other team members. 


 03/2012 - 09/2012 RS Electrocomponents [Oxford ]

Graphic and Web Designer I was responsible for creating a series of videos which clearly demonstrated to customers the upcoming changes to the online purchasing process. The work included: creating videos in Flash with multi-language labels for Europe and Asia; creating mock-ups of web pages which complied with the brand guidelines; designing e-mail,  banners and images using Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop and JavaScript; and building web pages using Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


 4/2011 - 7/2011 NoReal [Turin]

3D Modeller This job consisted of modelling the city of Turin and other locations in ‘SecondLife ’ with extensive use of 3D Studio Max for low-polygon modelling. I created a variety of textures in Photoshop, Lighting and produced the advanced rendering of composite models using 3D Studio Max.


11/2009 - 12/2009 Yvon Mau [Bordeaux ]

Graphic Designer  Photographer I was selected upon application to a European exchange programme for an internship abroad in the marketing department of Yvon Mau, France. The work included extensive studio photography with digital camera and lighting retouching of photography using Photoshop.


08/2013 - 09/2013 UAL(LCC ) Interactive design [London]

Workshop The workshop was an introduction to interactive design. The course consisted of individual research, theory and practical application. The main objective was to create an interaction element to be used by the commercial centre of Elephant and Castle to explain the connection between the old commercial area and  the proposed redevelopment of it.

2004 - 2011 University Polytechnic of Turin Graphic & Virtual Design [Italy]

The course taught both artistic and practical aspects of design from conception to realisation. Fields of study included communication, project management, computer design and digital. Modules included: • Graphic Design (for print and web); • Study of materials, product design and laboratory prototyping; • Descriptive geometry and 3D modelling; • Web design using HTML, CSS and Flash development; • Photo editing with Photoshop and vector drawing packages; a • Packaging design, communication, from sketch design to production. My thesis focused on ecological packaging design for a range of organic foods.

09/2010- 12/2010 University Polytechnic of Turin Photography and Advanced Rendering [italy]

This course was focused on representing a concept using visual elements and virtual modelling. I used advanced 3D modelling and rendering, virtual photography and lights.



01/2011 - 06/2011 WWOOF [UK]

Volunteer I volunteered on an organic farm which aims to teach people about low-impact, environmentally friendly lifestyles through hands-on experience. I spent five months working on an English farm which gave me the opportunity to improve my knowledge of eco-farming. It also helped me to develop my language skills, enabling me to complete the IELTS.


Software and computing

Advanced knowledge of graphics applications including Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Fireworks, Premiere, Macromedia, Freehand, and Autodesk 3dsmax. 


English (Fluent), Italian (Native).

Achiviements & Interest

Recipient of Leonardo Da Vinci exchange program (2009). Full driving license, Category B. Keen interest in ecological product design, farming and outdoor life. Cookin



Innovation is one of the 3 concept that is base of my design, and a necessary needs of any art projects.

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Creative is the base of human been we should always refer to it, and we shouldn't forgot about it.



Adaptive is what make us evolve in better, is a process of modify for a better solution.